Total Water Control


Finally: Total Water Control.

We Have Your Eyes On Water

SECOSYS has pioneered a patent pending water management platform for companies who provide water related services to customers. Our water management platform is first-of-its-kind, combining intelligent flow measurement and control with support Internet services. This dedicated water management platform provides an affordable, user friendly, turnkey solution for managing all types of water use. With the SECOSYS platform, trade service companies that maintain indoor and outdoor water delivery systems can now guarantee that their customers will consume water efficiently. Whether the need is to manage in-building water consumption, irrigation systems, pools, laundry facilities, or any other water use, our platform provides the solution. With our systems in place, water is managed to target budgets. Consumers will always know, in real-time, where their water is going, how much is being used and what itís costing them. Leaks in plumbing won't go undetected either. Hidden, slow leaks that wreak costly property damage and higher water bills are now detected in minutes rather than days, weeks, or months. Control is at the foundation of our technology, allowing the consumer to manage their water use according to their needs. Water flow problems are automatically abated, even if no one is around to address them. Our products and services ensure conservation and peace of mind.

Here are but a few features of our systems:

  • Monitor irrigation systems
  • Manage water based on budgets
  • Provide real-time flow measurement
  • Provide whole-site water management
  • Protect against floods and slow leaks at properties and surrounding grounds.
  • Educate consumers to their water use habits
  • Deliver irrigation water based on volume rather than time
  • Monitor and control plumbing appliance use activity
  • Remote monitoring and valve control for all site water distribution systems