At the Cloud

Effective water management can only be achieved through collaboration between people, data and machines. Enter the HydraCommunity, a collaborative web platform comprised of a set of cloud services that aggregate information from any source. The HydraCommunity allows users to pick and choose those services and equipment relevant to the water management task at hand.

HydraCommunity Logo Cloud Logic

Networks for IoT

No single network fits every need. That's why the HydraCommunity is designed to support cellular VPNs as well as LPWANs operating on the LoRa standard. When a public network is not available we can provide a private LoRaWAN network that can be scaled to any endpoint population requirement. Seco Sys is a Comcast solutions partner. Anywhere a Comcast machineQ network is available our total water management platform can be quickly deployed.

At The Edge

Edge computing is not something in the distant future. It is here now with Seco Sys HydraLink. The HydraLink connects third-party products to our IoT Networks and allows these devices to control actuators based on limits stored at the HydraLink. Even if an Internet connection is lost, the HydraLink manages its Edge Devices without a glitch. Coupled with LoRa and Bluetooth 5, the HydraLink foundation Edge Hub technology can be adapted to accommodate virtually any end use application.

HydraLink Logo HydraLink Device
HydraMeter Picture

The Origin of Data

Data originates at the sensor. The quality and value of this data is dependent on sensor capabilities. Measurement resolution and frequency of reading are critical for attaining an intelligent interpretation of process behavior. The HydraMeter sets a new standard for water use measurement allowing insights to downstream water consumption activity that were previously unattainable. The HydraMeter is an intelligent register that adapts to most bayonet mount water meters. The HydraMeter broadcasts a high-resolution measurement reading every second allowing water episode profiles to be generated that can be used to characterize human and equipment behavior. Broadcasting over Bluetooth BLE the HydraMeter is battery operated and provides the life expectation demanded by water utilities.