Smart Water Solutions

Whatever your application, the Seco Sys Water Management Platform is Your Foundation for Smart "Everything Water" Management.

Cutting Edge Technology... Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Plumb

To get started, an AWWA approved watermeter is installed where the water service enters a building or landscape.

Then our patent pending HydraMeter is connected with a single twist.

For more details, download the following product information:

2. Connect

Wired from the HydraMeter into a standard junction box, the HydraConnect installs easily for plug & play internet connectivity.

Need consumption information in a place where running power is too expensive? We interface with Metron Farnier's AMI water meters bringing connectivity to even remote locations!

3. Control

Subscribe to our web platform and you are now able to send and receive real time water use information from your company branded Dashboard.

You'll be able to remotely monitor and control your water.

- any place

- any device!

Experience our Cloud-Based "HydraCommunity."

Putting Water Conservation, Control and Management in everyone's hands!

Seco Sys has created a platform that allows water agencies, customers and water related services to concurrently engage in water conservation at all water use endpoints. Our open platform provides a holistic approach to water management with a single “everything water” cloud service accessible to anyone involved in water supply and consumption. Customized user dashboards provide secure access to data at every level.
Our Platform doors are wide open. Would you like to see your equipment online? Let us know!

Through data subscribers can:

Remotely monitor water in Real time achieving accurate flow rate analysis.

Interface with our devices, programming them, even turning valves on and off.

Audit Smart Controllers or other irrigation devices.

Communicate directly with subscribers and service providers.

Use Google Map tools along with ET weather data (used by water districts) to establish and maintain customer’s water budgets.

Receive auto-alerts before waste becomes catastrophic.

Access real time AMR information ONE CONSUMER AT A TIME

Users WILL SAVE WATER because they can SEE IT BEING USED in real time!

Customers subscribing to services can:

Understand where they are in relation to their water budget.

See personal realtime water consumption for their property.

Customers can connect directly with their Water District or Plumber to schedule any needed services! White Label options available.

Residential: Leak Detection and Conservation

1/3 of ALL Home Insurance Claims: Water Damage Caused by Leaks (non-catastrophe-related claims)

We prefer to find leaks:

  • your floors are destroyed
  • the $1,000 deductible
  • the $600 water bill arrives
  • mold has taken over
  • a sink hole caves in your garden

Inefficient water use costs consumers $60 million dollars a day!

Conserving isn’t hard, but:

You can’t conserve what you can’t measure. You can’t measure what you can’t see.

You'll have the conservation tools to easily set a Water Budget and monitor your progress.

Visible, Realtime Water Use Information reduces water use an average of 20%.


  • Remote Water Monitoring and Control
  • Monitor Chiller Water
  • Measure Process Effluent
  • Lower Sewer Costs
  • Leak Detection
  • Automatic Low and High Flow Alerts
  • Monitor all water to buildings
  • Monitor all outside building consumption
  • Water features, pools, laundry facillities


  • Uses Local Weather Stations for Accurate Budgets
  • Leak Detection: Even in sand, you’ll know.
  • Low Flow High Flow Limits and Alerts:
     - No more broken sprinkler calls from irrate customers!
  • Remote and/or Automatic Valve Control:
     - No more late night trips just to shut off water.
  • Perfect for monitoring low volume Dripline Irrigation.
  • Real Time Water Auditing:
     - You’ll know when they put your controller on manual...AGAIN!
  • Solar and Wireless Internet and Network Connectivity:
     - No need to dig up the landscape to run power!


Institutions like the University of California are pursuing specific Water Sustainability Strategies such as:

  • Improve mapping and monitoring of all water systems
  • Pursue all financially feasible indoor potable use reduction projects
  • Improve landscape irrigation efficiency

The Seco Sys Platform complements these strategies by:

  • Providing a total system that manages all types of water use both in buildings and outside surrounding grounds
  • Providing a continuous water use audit to ensure all installed water conservation devices and employed practices are sustained and operating as intended
  • Monitoring and quantifying any capture and reuse programs
  • Monitoring and quantifying water used for cooling towers
  • Comparing daily irrigation consumption against recommended budgets derived from plant type and local weather data


We’ve designed Specialized Features just for Agricultural Applications:

  • Well Monitoring: Consumption, Well Draw Accountability, Refresh Rate
  • Groundwater Legislation Compliance: Know to the drop how much your wells are drawing with automatic record keeping
  • Remote Pump Control
  • Scalable to any size service
  • Volumetric water delivery for crops
  • Scheduled Master Valve Control to prevent leaks from costing you precious resources: water and money
  • Daily weather based irrigation budget control
  • Solar power for remote network & internet communication


$99/ YEAR
5 customers
unlimited devices
unlimited properties
$249/ YEAR
50 customers
unlimited devices
unlimited properties
$599/ YEAR
250 customers
unlimited devices
unlimited properties

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